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PCS Creations by Mo

Quality contemporary artwork has just been modernized to fit a larger audience while breaking the bounds of niche artistry. Creations made here come from freshly unique ideas implemented through a cascade of industries. See what we've been working on.

PCS Creations by Mo

PCS Creations by Mo 1st boutique location is now open! We've teamed up with painted tree boutiques in Buford, Ga for our very first permanent store location. Come out and shop with us and discover and support other handmade small businesses. We are open 7 days a week from 10am - 8pm! PCS Creations by Mo will still participate in vendor events so don't forget to check out our current event schedule and catch artist and creator Simone Fyffe in person! I would like to thank each and every person that has made this venture possible.

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About PCS

Simone Fyffe has created a dynamic art brand taking her creativity to a new level and new industries. PCS Creations by Mo has introduced PCS Aroma's a natural approach to skincare. Mo's Garden has taken on a plant's life of its own with flowers and herbs that are incorporated into products made by PCS. PCS Jewelers brings uniquely hand-crafted jewelry and trinkets.


Simone Fyffe is the owner and artist behind PCS Creations by Mo. Learn more here.

Grand Opening

PCS Creations by Mo boutique is finally here!