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The Messy Artist

Hey guys!

Meet the messy artist behind the blog, I'm pretty sure a lot of artists can relate to what i'm going to be writing about, hence the title "the messy artist." I love art in every form but my favorite of course is paint, for me its just like being a kid in a candy store. I would say about 4 years ago I had a fetish for buying school supplies, weird right? Any who my passion now has taken a turn in a different direction, I decided to leave my 9 to 5 and pursue my dreams of being a famous painter! Well, 3 months into it I realized with all of the people in the world I don't think i'll be a Picasso any time soon, but I wont get discouraged. I have recently created another YouTube channel which can be found under the channel name @themessyartist, I have my work space which for the most part I try to keep clean but I find myself covered in paint anyway, I have ruined parts of my carpet from pant spills.... talk about not getting your security deposit back. I did however buy a rug to sit under my work space so I don't ruin anymore of the carpet, and I must say it is actually paying off it caught two grey paint spills and an ivory, you bet your bottom line I felt invincible. As I type away at my keyboard I look at the green, white and pink paint spills on it trying to pick it off the keys so I don't end up misspelling my own words and of course anyone who sees my work space asks me why must you get paint on everything, and i'm just like hey its how masterpieces are made. When searching YouTube looking at other art related content I see how neat and clean everything is in the video and I'm over here like what am I doing wrong, my videos don't look half as professional as other channels? Then I came to the conclusion that I will break the mold and stand out from the rest and brand my disorganization. So, I decided to come up with a name that fits my videos, maybe in the near future I'll get a white table to work on promising not to spill a drop of paint, now thats #goals.

Now that we have some insight into who and what the messy artist is, I would like to give you some tips and tricks to keeping your work space clean!

1. Place a protective covering on work surface to protect table underneath, you can use things like brown construction paper I would recommend the packing size (also used for moving) you can find it pretty cheap at walmart

2. Place a mat, rug, or tarp under your work area and remove or store when your done.

3. Plastic table clothes which you find just about everywhere I sometimes use the 3 pack from Walmart or Dollar Tree.

4. Keep paper towels near by at all times

5. consider keeping cleaning wipes for caked on surfaces.

To conclude we all get a little messy and creative comes in many forms once you have the idea in your head that you want to create, keeping your work space spotless is one of the last things you think about. Stay true to your messy!

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