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So I have decided to network with different local and out of state businesses, by featuring them in my blog. I have found that you can increase your traffic by networking with other businesses owners. You might say well why am I promoting other people for free! I believe in helping small businesses, I myself have my own business that I started about 4 months ago and I'm building it from the ground up. If it wasn't already impossible to sell art trying to do it on your own can sometimes be just as impossible. I don't like to feel overwhelmed in trying to engage in social media and glue myself to my phone or computer trying to get as many likes, comments, and video views. So, I thought I should start a blog where my audience can get to know me and be more willing to see what type of products I offer to my consumers.

Starting a blog isn't the easiest thing to do no matter how many blogs you read giving you step by step instructions, unfortunately for me having looked through blog after blog for the secret to creating content that viewers actually take the time out to read, I still haven't found the secrets to success. On the up side I went ahead and created a blog where I can truly be myself and give other local businesses another place for viewers to explore, engage and buy products. For some it can be a great benefit to advertise more than just yourself, especially when your first starting your business. I have learned networking can be your biggest asset, if you promote another business not only are you receiving your own organic traffic your also bringing other business traffic to your site. which increases potential revenue.

So with all of that said and done I will be featuring a number of artists and businesses from all sides of the spectrum. If you come across my blog and would like to be featured in my blog simply follow the directions below.

1. You must like our facebook page you can either click the link or copy and past the link into your browser.

2.Subscribe to my blog and send your messages via my contact information page. In the message please be sure to include the following:


Business name


Short bio (I will not search through your links for your bio)

At least 3 photos of you, your brand or products

Include any links you would like to be associated with your featured post.

3. After you have completed steps 1 and 2 leave a comment on my blog post letting me know you have completed all of the required steps.

I'm sure many people hate going through steps in order to be featured in a blog or anywhere for that matter, but if you can't help those who are trying to help you then you may not get very far, trust me I have tried. My blog will update regularly and all accepted business have two options for a featured post.

Business who offer products that can be sent directly to me for product review is eligible for up to three free featured blog posts and promotion. You may also choose to simply request a feature. I like to build professional relationships with artists or businesses I engage with if you do not plan to stay engaged in my blog or website please do not fill out the form to be featured.

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