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A little Slice of heaven literally!

I have come across a true treasure and guilty pleasure that I just can't keep to myself! A booming cake business by the name of A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery conveniently located in Marietta Georgia. Owner Melanie Wideman grew up in a family where passion for cooking has inspired her to open her delicious bakery of delectable pies and mouth watering pound cakes. Since the age of 16 Melanie has crafted cake magic and people are definitely in love with her products. 

When ordering from A Little Slice of Heaven you can expect a high quality shopping experience from the time you order all the way to your door. You can also, purchase your very own custom made to order cake from occasions like birthdays to weddings or graduations to baby showers she literally does it all. 

 A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery also gives the option of custom cakes, and who doesn't like custom made to order cakes that are just beyond delicious! Click the link to order your own custom cake or scrumptious pound cakes.

What can I order?

Pound Cakes

Choose from several varieties and sizes of our favorite pound cakes. The mini Lemon Pound cake, our signature flavor and best seller, is available in either a 4-inch or 10-inch size. The lemon flavor will jolt your taste buds to a new level of sweet goodness that will have you coming back for seconds…and thirds!  Don’t like lemon?  Then, try Thomas’ personal favorite Cream Cheese pound cake.

A moist butter pound cake provides the backdrop for our Cream Cheese pound cake. Mixed with just the right amount of Cream Cheese flavor, each morsel of this cake melts in your mouth.

Chocolate Cakes

If you’re a chocoholic, then you have to order our mini Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake! Not one, not two, but a combination of three different types of chocolate create this flavor explosion in your mouth! You’ll never forget the semi-sweet chocolate and buttermilk glaze that top off this delectable treat.

Red Velvet Cake

If you enjoy the rich flavor of red velvet, we’ve got you covered in that department too! Our Red Velvet cake will have you waiting by the door for your delivery.

Each delicious bite of our uniquely flavored red velvet cake will make the any cake lover crave for more regardless if he/she likes red velvet or not. The powdered sugar lightly sprinkled on top  , making the perfect addition to finish off this delectable dessert.

And More Cakes Too! 

You can also order our key lime, Kentucky butter, or lemon pecan flavors in either the 4-inch or 10-inch sizes.  Whichever cake you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Special Delivery

If you’re worried that your cake won’t stay fresh during transport, think again. Our cakes stay moist whether we’re shipping across town or clear across the country.  Based on a recent shelf life study performed by the University of Georgia, our cakes stay fresh well over a week and can be frozen for several months.

Each cake is individually wrapped to lock in the flavor and freshness you can expect from A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery. It will taste like you just brought it home from the bakery yourself.  We don't take shortcuts because quality is our mission.

Enjoy the cakes for yourself or share them with those you love everywhere! Just visit our online bakery and store and see how easy it is to get moist and delicious cakes delivered. Once you do, you’ll be coming back for seconds…and thirds! Your mail carrier will be jealous when he or she sees that you’re getting a package from A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery!

please stay tuned for my product review of A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery, or don't wait for me go get yours today I wont be mad :) !

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