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Fun marketing tips for small business

Getting your business noticed on social media can be a daunting and over-whelming task, not to mention what works for one person may not work for you. How do you get engagement when offering your services for close to free seems to be just as difficult for new businesses and individual sellers.

There are a few things to consider before making a long list and trying things that may not garner the success you were hoping for. As a business owner myself I have tried many things to get more engagement on social media and I’m here to tell you that trying things based on a google search is not in the least bit informative enough to give you a proper guide on how to market your business. It‘s really frustrating to read through all of these blogs and amass “steps to success,” that really just turn out to be steps to wasting my time.

So with that said I will be blogging my way through my business journey and sharing exactly what works and what doesn’t as well as applying those techniques to other fields so you don’t end up wasting your time reading my blog too, lol.

I’m an artist and creator so finding new ways to get people not only interested in my art but also my journey as an artist and business owner is really important to my success as my goals have been set in place to make this a permanent career move. I’m naturally very shy unless you know me personally, so coming out of my shell can be difficult in my line of work. But what if your not an artist and your still having trouble marketing yourself to more people using social media. Here are a few age old tips to keep in mind when working with social media.

  1. Post on a regular basis

  2. Engage with people on your posts

  3. Share your work from multiple sources

  4. Fine a good social media management app

  5. Know when your audience is online the most

  6. Promote your work not just for money

  7. Network with other people in your field

  8. Join social media groups

  9. Plan your posts (don’t plan to hard)

  10. Pay attention to your analytics

If you have a website I would encourage that you start a blog, you can create one that centers around your products or even giving advice on products in your field. This gives you an alternative source of content to share with the audience your building. As an artist I often hear on average it can take an artist 5 to 10 years to gain a significant following or audience that creates a livable income while also gaining influence. I was pretty irritated reading that over and over again, but you have to remember everyday is a learning experience when pursuing entrepreneurship.

One major thing I noticed when searching through blogs on how to become an overnight success in my field was that, none of them really tell you outside of the basic ways of marketing a business the actual “how” they don’t even tell you how they grew their own following so, I stopped searching and have committed myself to marketing myself in my own way. Loving what you do is going to be the single most important aspect on how you market yourself. Being committed to taking leaps, missing sleep and spending some money all have to be taken into consideration when building your business regardless of what field your in. Granted there are several fields that take off much faster than others but comparison is known to be the thief of joy.

My blog is centered around a multitude of topics and content which is why I find it important to categorize my posts, if your still going to use that search to read other blogs instead of starting your own, then be sure to explore what type of content the blog provides before giving that blog post you clicked on a read and your time, because mine has been wasted too many times to count.

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