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Organize Your Best Life

Hey you! For some reason, no matter how many apps you download or planners you buy you can't seem to stick to one thing to help you organize your life and guide you to better understand your path. I have had that feeling of jumbled uncertainty welding up in the back of my mind too many times.

As we start to age we transition through different stages of ourselves without always knowing how we'll turn out in the end. I'm here to tell you that's ok. We can only plan so far ahead, so it's good to remember to plan your present life, what goes on in your life in your near future is determined by the decisions you make right now.

I know in some ways that can seem a little complicated given your obstacles, but what if those weren't obstacles? Can you honestly say your current situation will be your situation a year from now? if you can't say that without any hesitation then you have somewhere in you the ability to center your life with a consistent plan of execution.

Organizing your life can seem like a daunting task so it's important to recognize why you feel like you need to make these life changes, as these will become in part, the patterns as to why you have been unsuccessful in the better practice of organizational skillsets. You may be a person who is on time to work every day, you may even be on time everywhere you go, but at the same time lack skillsets in other aspects of your life causing you to feel unpleasant about your situation.


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Mo's Life Book bundles

I wanted to create something that is more than just the paper you write on, I want others to feel connected to themselves in a way that promotes better thinking, organizational and social qualities to ease in either strengthening relationships or having the confidence to start a new one. A place where you can jot down and manifest your goals, identify your stressors, and give a self-recording tracking system that one can look back on and explore in a deeper way to better understand how all aspects of our lives affect us.

That is why I have recently put together an all-in-one life book that is meant to be completed over a period of 3 to 5 years. You may think, well that's not a lifetime and you are right, but with these tools, you can change how you choose to walk upon your life path, and better adjust your core ideals along your life journey. Change starts with the choice you decide to make, incorporating planning, self-love, dedication, healthy mental awareness, and being in tune with your emotions. You owe it to yourself to better learn what triggers you, how you feel over the course of weeks and months at a time, what skills you are learning to strengthen your future, and how you deal with others in your life.

We give so much of ourselves away to the public through social media, pictures, talking, texting, and socializing with others. We post so much of our lives on apps that record all of this data and ultimately learn us better than we learn ourselves. These practices don’t do you any good and companies are not giving you information back in such a way that makes you a better person. Instead, you may be told to seek therapy so someone else can tell you what's wrong and how to fix it. A self-help book usually only focuses on ways for you to better deal with conflict resolution in your life, but it doesn't give a place to share all of your thoughts while keeping track of other aspects of your life.

Each Life Book is cultivated to a different personality type and while some of the other books have the same content each is placed in the book in a different order and style approach. This is done to make the life book personal to its owner and you know no one has a book quite like yours.

Life Book Contents

Weekly planner

Monthly planner

Monthly mood tracker

Work habit tracker

Expense tracker

Savings tracker

Self-care activities

Stress exploration

Goal exploration

Visual journals


Emotion reflection

Best Possible Self worksheets

Reflection essay


Vision Boards

and more!

Putting yourself first should always be a priority. You can't be good to others if you're not good to yourself. You can't pour into others what you don't pour into yourself. Remembering to take time to explore more about yourself is something that you can connect with while using your life book. Be the best version of yourself, taking the step to identify an issue with yourself isn't making you a problem it's simply focusing on how you can make yourself successful, happy, and healthy.

Developing better habits, higher self-confidence, and keen perception opens your mind to relating with people close to you and people that you interact with regularly in a healthy way while keeping you away from your triggers, promotes a bond and understanding of boundaries and leaves you feeling secure with yourself.

Purchasing a life book also opens you up to virtual resources and in-depth discussion on how to complete your exercises and how to reflect on them after you have completed them all. If you just can't get enough of certain activities and would like to reorder your pages PCS Creations has a form you can fill out to replace those pages In your life book.

Each book is 100 percent recyclable and is a handmade product.

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