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Mo Lash cases have arrived. Each lash case is unique an one of a kind. Each design is uniquely distinguished as a reflection of PCS Creations as a highly creative brand, placing a more individual experience for our wonderful customers. 

Mo Lash cases can hold up to 3 pairs of eye lashes comes with disposable mascara brush, and heavy duty lash applicator. Don’t put your lashes on everyday surfaces, not only do you damage the lashes your also exposing your eyes and lash line to bacteria that has been picked up from the surface you put your lashes on. Our cases are made of heat resistant, shatter resistant epoxy resin creating a smooth surface for your lashes with super easy cleaning and sanitizing. Small enough to fit in your purse or pack in a large bag.  

Buy 2 Get 1 free! Use code: Molash -at checkout to receive your free case! + a FREE Lash purse pouch for your lash case.

Looking for bulk orders? Are you a mua promotingproducts? Join PCS Creations on our app to get exclusive pricing for bulk orders, and free PCS Creations products. Can’t get the app? No problem, shoot an email to to get more info!

Mo Lash Cases

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