Her Blues original canvas wall art

PCS Creations by Mo

Quality contemporary artwork has just been modernized to fit a larger audience while breaking the bounds of niche artistry. Creations made here come from freshly unique ideas implemented through a cascade of industries. See what we've been working on.

About PCS

Simone Fyffe has created a dynamic art brand taking her creativity to a new level and new industries. PCS Creations by Mo has introduced PCS Aroma's a natural approach to skincare. Mo's Garden has taken on a plant's life of its own with flowers and herbs that are incorporated into products made by PCS. PCS Jewelers brings uniquely hand-crafted jewelry and trinkets.

Honey Bee Festival
Jun 04, 9:00 AM
100 W Lafayette Square
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Simone Fyffe is the owner and artist behind PCS Creations by Mo. Learn more here.