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Mo's Garden

Finding Inspiration in Every Seed

Mo's Garden is dedicated to exploring nature, sustainable growing, and a place for plant education. Explore everything about the garden right here on the garden page, find resources for better gardening, Mo's seed shop, guides, tips and Mo's Garden blog. If your a plant connoisseur, a garden master or the curious beginner Mo's Garden has everything you need to keep you busy during your garden season. 


Our Story

Gardening is a journey with endless rewards. Mo's Garden has grown bigger and bigger each year for the last four years. With over 12 years experience gardening in various environments I want to help others discover their own inner gardener and assist in the journey of Mother Nature and what she has to offer. 

Mo's Garden offers a blog dedicated to the gardening lifestyle year round, tips,, guides, shop and more. 

Mo's Garden

Growing lavender can do wonders for not only you but your garden as well. Lavender attracts pollinators to your garden and can be enjoyed in ground, in containers, or raised beds. Lavender is a winter hardy plant and con endure high and low temperatures and dry climates. Growing lavender is hassle free and will thrive if a great foundation is established. 

Lookout Lavender farm.jpg
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